Clay Dehaven Valenti -Writer/Director/Producer

Clay Valenti graduated from the University of Maryland (1986) with a degree in Journalism. Clay remembers little of his higher education due to joining Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Although he did become a member of The Gate & Key Society, a prestigious group honoring scholastic achievers within the Greek system; which has nothing to do with filmmaking. Clay began his career in advertising before moving over to the commercial and film side of business. Throughout his career, Clay has worked on more than 50 feature films, music videos and television commercials, performing a myriad of jobs from production assistant to camera operator to director/producer.

Some of the films that Clay is most proud to be associated with are The Horse Whisperer, Brokedown Palace and Liberty Heights that was shot in and around Clay’s hometown of Baltimore. He has had the privilege of working with such noted filmmakers as Robert Redford, Barry Levinson and John Waters. And along side with award winning DP’s Robert Richardson and Russell Carpenter and Thomas Newton Sigel. The diverse experience has prepared Clay to become a well-rounded filmmaker in his own right.

Clay’s most recent film, Little Red, is a story that he wrote based on a poem written by an inner city student. The low-budget indie, which Clay also produced and directed was acquired by DEJ Productions/ Blockbuster Entertainment for a low six figures and will be released in May 2002 through First Look Entertainment.

Clay is currently developing several scripts. When not focused on making films, you can find him in one of two places. He’s either in Maryland tossing a lacrosse ball with friends or enjoying the marvels of the Chesapeake Bay; or in the mountains of Montana riding horses and chasing bears.