Wayward Saints Productions

Small time con artists, Black Jack and Crystal, roam the rural west preying on snowbirds and SUV cowboys. The scam takes advantage of the "Look Marge, there's one of them!" mentality. Crystal (white as the driven snow and raised by grifters) sets ‘‘em up and Black Jack (named after his mother's lifelong fixation, not his dark skin) makes the sting.

After a botched hustle, the two stumble into the red rock country of Northern Arizona and discover a perfect hideout, and a new, more lucrative game. Joining the ranks of "quick stop" psychics in a New Age tourist town, they set up the Vortex Vision Clinic and get to work filching the flock. When Crystal's visions start to come true, however, the con becomes legitimate, and their carefree life of crime is threatened.

With no path left but the dreaded straight one they suddenly discover a dangerous way out - across the line and socially unacceptable, a replacement for the illicit thrill - they fall in love.

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